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Check out my latest blog post with CLICHE MAGAZINE about the upcoming film Warm Bodies.

You don’t have to love zombies for this one, you just need to love breathing. You can even enjoy the little things like laughter and awkward romances- but no worries, if you hate those too, you’ll still probably like the film. Actually, if you don’t like any of those things, you might actually be a zombie… BUT, hopefully you’re as lucky as R and can read and have some rationality. *please don’t eat me*


Seriously though, look at that poster. Teresa looks awesome, you look awesome looking at her, read by blog post and become exponentially awesome. Cats.

I’ll be posting a book review for the novel REALLY SOON! Until then, enjoy the trailer!!

Kiss, Kiss

If you have a pulse, then this is the lip balm for you.
If you like colorful balls, then this is the lip balm for you.
If, perhaps, you enjoy the little things in life such as breathing, eating, texting and drinking, then this is the lip balm for you.
And of course, if you enjoy making out then by all means, unscrew, apply and pucker up because eos is about to change the way you moisturize your lips.

Eos (no ee-ohs, but rather, E-O-S), also known as “Evolution of Smooth,” offers products like hand and body moisturizers, shaving creams and their glorious lip balms in both “smooth-sphere” and “smooth-stick” form.

However, I’m here to tell you about this absolutely revolutionary new obsession of mine: the smooth-sphere.

At first glance, this colorful ball may be mistaken as an Easter egg or anal bead, BUT when it is unscrewed a dome of lip balm is revealed. It sounds simple enough, but the quality of replenishment that this brand offers is unlike any before it.

Why I love eos smooth-sphere:
It’s adorable, duh.
The smooth-sphere is offered in a wide range of DELICIOUS flavors like summer fruit, strawberry sorbet, sweet mint and more! They even offer special edition sets. They have an Alice in Wonderland collection out now with limited edition flavors that is soon to be extinct.
Fool-proof application.
Screw-off top keeps germs OUT and the balm stays CLEAN.
Spherical shape provides users with full coverage - you’ll never miss a spot!
My lips have never felt this soft in my entire lifetime.
I have a repulsive lip-peeling habit. When I’m in deep thought I either find myself picking at and peeling or biting my lip and it’s absolutely disgusting, BUT my lips never become flaky, dry or patchy while using eos. So even when I self-destruct, my lips are still totally smooth!
MOST IMPORTANTLY: I sought out eos because with each lip balm I’ve used I have constantly encountered the issue of OVER moisturizing. Chapstick, Blistex, Burt’s… they all take care of dry lip for a few hours, but eventually ware off. They coat my lips but don’t actually penetrate the skin deep enough to hydrate them so that they can fully heal. Also, at times I can apply generous amounts of these products and they leave a white residue in the corners of my mouth. It’s actually my lips, PEELING, because they aren’t being moisturized properly. With eos, I can use one application per day and my lips feel soft all day long.

Why I don’t love eos smooth-sphere:
There is a purple sphere that I’m constantly seeing on the web but it is not sold in their online store. Let me know if you find it in cyberspace!
I’m obsessed.
SO, if you’re looking into an effective lip moisturizer, cool toy or are simply interested in trying something new, look into the eos smooth-sphere. You won’t regret it.

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